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2018 Point Of Sale Display Trends To Look Out For

July 04, 2018 Paul Manson Point Of Sale Displays No Comments

2018 Point Of Sale Display Trends To Look Out For

Trends will always be a part of striving to be visible in a crowded marketplace. Consumers quickly become inured to the “same old, same old” style of promotion. That applies to everything from glossy media marketing and advertising campaigns to the comparatively mundane and low-budget, but vitally important, realm of POS displays. Promoters seek to differentiate their campaigns by trying new techniques, styles, mechanism, colour schemes and so on. This year is no different and we look at some patterns that we have observed and which you may think are worth considering for your next campaign.

Engaging Through An Experience

Consumers still prefer to shop on the high street because it satisfies some basic human needs that the online shopping experience does not fulfil, even if your item can be delivered today by drone!

People like bricks and mortar shops because of:

Human contact – it’s a genuinely nice experience for most people to interact with store personnel and other shoppers, take a break and enjoy a relaxed cup of coffee, and generally enjoy “the shopping experience.”

Personal touch – being able to ask a store assistant for advice or help in choosing a purchase is a major part of that great shopping experience.

Gift wrap – especially in the more old-fashioned department store or those treasured high street independents. The pleasure of having your purchase treated with care and attention is an increasingly big deal compared with the bland shopping mall multi-checkout aisles treatment.

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Translating That To POS Displays

There is no POS display direct equivalent of any of the above attractive features but they serve as guidelines and a steer as to what the ideal objectives of design should strive to achieve.

Cardboard is warm – it exudes a more pleasant and comfortable aura than plastic, metal or canvas displays. That tactile appeal is subconscious but very real for all that. It instinctively breaks down a level of resistance and smooths the path to interaction and engagement. It may seem like a minor point but every single edge is important when maximising campaign ROI.

Cardboard is versatile – we engineer cardboard POS displays through the manufacture and printing process to achieve effects that may astound you. Again, this is all part of maximising ROI. Grabbing attention is such a vital component of POS displays that success hangs of being original, imaginative, innovative and bold.

Avoid “switch-off” gimmicks – while audio-visual promotional presentations do have their place (on specialised displays, in large outlets, in a location that is off the main footfall pathways) it is prudent not to irritate anyone. That especially includes store staff who have the power to kill any promotion that causes annoyance. Simple is often best.

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Creativity Is Growing

Driven by the desire to create a consumer experience and the need to stand out in a highly competitive and crowded marketplace, campaign managers are turning to designers for impactful concepts that will stop shoppers in their tracks (they hope!) and deliver engagement.

Graphics have always been the cornerstone of eye catching POS display design. Add the flexibility of cardboard to deliver cutouts and outlines that you cannot avoid noticing. As always, even the best regular printers struggle to achieve those effects, which are bread and butter to specialists like ourselves.

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