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Amazing POS Display Ideas: Countertop Units

May 30, 2018 Paul Manson Point Of Sale Displays No Comments

Amazing POS Display Ideas - Countertop Units

The secret of the success of countertop units is that the shopper has his or her purse or wallet open at just the right moment for an impulse purchase to have the best possible chance of success. The key is to make your display and offer stand apart from the rest of the background clutter. This is achieved through a mix of size, shape, colours, graphics, text and placement. Countertop units make excellent brand building tools, especially as they are viewed up close by the shopper and those in the queue behind. Our designers will be delighted to give you pointers about what works best and what to avoid – all while using cost effective cardboard designs. Use our market knowledge to give you the edge to design your way to success.

POS Displays Increase Sales

This fact is often forgotten or overlooked both by brand managers and independent store owners. It is practically a guarantee that sales will increase once displays are introduced. While almost anything like dump bins on the floor and in the aisles will result in impulse buys by shoppers, the best designed units deliver the highest sales results.

The Importance of Following Store Guidelines

Many retail outlets, especially the large national chains, have very specific rules regarding how POS displays can be utilised in their premises. That can apply to petrol station forecourts as well as big supermarkets and smaller convenience stores. If you are unaware of this, or ignore them, your displays may get binned and your project might never see the light of day on front of shoppers. Therefore, be sure to ask about these before assuming your retail partner will simply accept your displays.

Key Design Ideas For Countertop Units

New twist on an old product – Imaginative design does not have to be revolutionary. This KitKat promo utilises the traditional brand colours in an attractive shape with the focus on mouth watering chocolate. It would be difficult not to reach out and grab a bar at the counter.

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Countertops Are About More Than Just Retail Volume

Countertop display is a very effective medium for introducing a new product and broadcasting brand messages in general. This example also depends less on pure text and instead uses clever “stickers” to highlight the important points the manufacturer wants to get across.

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Simple often works – With a plain countertop display like this one, the focus is totally on the product. Plain displays work well at a basic level and are certainly better than nothing. You will often see a plain white box on smaller convenience store counters, packed with discount offers of biscuits or sweets that are past their sell-by date, for example. The mere fact of placing them in front of the customer at point of payment for other items simply works.

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Maximise The Small Space – Countertop displays have to conform to size restrictions, especially footprint size, and so they must maximise that precious space and location. Clever design is probably more important for these units than for any other type of POS display.

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Countertop displays don’t have to be fancy, but good and clever design always adds to their effectiveness. The important thing is to “do something”. Cardboard countertops are valuable selling space that are all too often underutilised. Get in touch to find out more!

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