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Amazing POS Display Ideas: Dummy Boxes

June 08, 2018 Paul Manson Point Of Sale Displays No Comments

Amazing POS Display Ideas Dummy Boxes - NEW

Some POS display types are intended to boost product sales, and they certainly do that. Dummy boxes, on the other hand, are primarily a branding and marketing device. They are used to plant ideas or reminders in the mind of the passing shopper and to reinforce other marketing channel content. Typically, optimum placement would see them deployed in a store that does sell the product being promoted but they work very well in environments such as trade shows or shopping centre walkways.

Benefits of dummy boxes:

  • Brand Recognition – colours, graphics, text – exactly as per the brand guidelines but bigger
  • Product Recognition – recognise the product on the shelves because its box looks like this
  • New product launch – larger than life packaging emphasises what it looks like
  • Messaging/advertising – using a familiar box but with a marketing message
  • Reminder – keeping the product and brand uppermost in the mind of the viewer

Exaggerated Size

Most dummy boxes for promotional purposes are much bigger than the real product box that they imitate. This exaggeration serves several purposes but most of all it makes them unavoidable. Passing consumers cannot but see them. What happens next often depends mainly on what the designers intended to achieve. Probably the most important desired result is to make them memorable so as to create a long lasting memory and reaction in the mind of the viewer. This example by Adidas certainly achieves that. Maybe it is more of an installation than a conventional POS dummy box but it achieves the critical effects of grabbing attention and leaving a lasting memory.

print big1 Credit:

Having Fun With The Simple Box Shape

A dummy box that is simply an oversized version of the original does serve valuable purposes but its impact is limited. We can break that ceiling by imaginative use of the box shape to create something out of the ordinary and memorable while still serving the core functions of the box (brand and product reinforcement). This is a marvellous example of what can be achieved with a little imagination and play.

print box2 Credit:

Box In Context – Trade Exhibition

The concept of exaggerated size can be adapted to excellent effect with some tweaks in the setting or context of the dummy box. This trade exhibition stand idea illustrates the possibilities very well. It takes the basic dummy box idea but adds context to suggest some pleasing characteristics.

print odd3 Credit:

Dummy Boxes & Marketing

Point Of Sale (or Point Of Purchase) dummy boxes can serve a multitude of purposes, depending on the objectives of the campaign and how they are implemented by the designers. As always, it is a great idea to take input and guidance from experts in the field to maximise the effectiveness of the units as well as advice about placement in retail areas. We know what works and, equally importantly, what does not work.

Dummy boxes are primarily a marketing and advertising tool rather than a device for instant product sales such as Free Standing Display Units or Dump Bins. It is good to have several of these aids in your POS armoury and deploy them as required when building campaigns.

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