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Amazing POS Display Ideas: Dump Bins

July 11, 2018 Paul Manson Point Of Sale Displays No Comments

Amazing POS Display Ideas Dump Bins

Of all the POS display types, dump bins have proven to be the simplest and often the most effective at moving merchandise. The reason for their success is because they do not need to be big or “fancy” and can be dotted about the store in the aisles, each one overflowing with a different product. They are unavoidable. Shoppers see them and their contents as they pass, and they have more visibility than the regular stock on the shelves.

Their versatility means they can be positioned almost anywhere in-store with a good footfall and can be used to promote those hard-to-shift ranges or even just to give away free samples in a promotion.


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How to maximise your ROI on dump bins

Dump bins are one of the the most widely used and effective forms of POS displays. They are used to increase sales of anything from shampoo to tins of beans. They are freestanding tubs or barrels made from cardboard or plastic, and brightly branded. They are perfect for presenting a large pile of relatively small products at the level of a shopper’s hands usually. Tailor made for catching the eye of passing consumers and making impulse purchases almost automatic.

As with all POS displays, the first objective is to attract attention. This critical first step is achieved through carefully thought out graphics and colour scheme.

Height and shape are factors also, and this is where custom designed cardboard constructs rule the roost. Their flexibility lends themselves to innovative patterns that make them stand out from the norm and perform better than the average dump bin. Our POS displays are typically cardboard constructs, 3-D printed to highlight the attractions of your brand and of the promotion. The POS units that work best are both easy to assemble for store staff and are durable.

Positioning is almost guaranteed to be a prime location in an aisle, which is where they work best.



Achieving success with any POS display campaign

A successful campaign requires several factors to come together optimally. The key lies in planning and understanding what the crucial factors are for ensuring that the target retail locations perform all the activities required of them. All too often, a beautifully designed and clever display can end up in the bin out the back because it does not comply with the retail partner’s guidelines. Somebody simply did not know how to go about things properly to ensure success.

While POS displays can be deployed as a strategic element of a marketing campaign to boost sales, success requires more than just good design and printing. These elements must also work:

  • The brand’s relationship with its retail partners
  • Thorough understanding of the target market
  • The quality of the display’s construction and material used

These are things that we are good at and about which we can provide expert advice and assistance.

Free POS Display & Marketing Support

You will pick up a wealth of very useful POS display information when you download our free Point Of Sale Marketing Guide. It is packed with useful tips and tricks about the various types of display as well as pointers about how to avoid issues with retailers and help ensure your campaign runs smoothly and successfully.

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