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Countertop Units

October 03, 2018 Paul Manson 1 Comment

Countertop units are a hugely effective way to put your product or brands directly in front of you potential customers.

Countertop units can easily stand apart from other Point of sale material within store, and urge your customers to make an impulse purchase whilst they are awaiting the purchase of their other items. They can be this effective and deliver results when designed well and printed with impactful graphics. The choice of our material permits crisp creative designs to be produced quickly, easily disposed of and mostly 100% recyclable.

What is a Countertop Unit?

A countertop unit is a brilliant brand identity builder. The unit is seen close up, and is a great tool for getting across your brand credentials and additionally your sale message. Normally positioned next to the tills or in somewhat high traffic areas the countertop unit provides your brand with a great opportunity to increase sales. Retailers aren’t willing to give up their space for bad designed, space driven counter top display units, therefore an eye catching truly valuing unit is key. This of course benefits your potential customers, by delivering the correct marketing messages.  

Print & Display's role in a Countertop Unit?

We can create, design, produce any countertop unit that you think fits your product or brand, our professional units are fully customisable. We can send countertop units out as a fully stocked retail ready unit, or produced ready for you to set up. We aim to produce a countertop unit which prompts impulse sales for your product, they are a perfect pick up option to engage your customers on their way out of the store.

If you think a countertop unit could be for your brand or product then we shall look forward to you getting in touch.

1 Comment

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