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January 10, 2019 Paul Manson No Comments

5 Types Of POS Display to consider.

The various types of display have been classified as one of five types and each performs a different role.

1) Free Standing Display Units. FSDUs are the king of POS displays. One of the reasons for this is because of their size, which lends itself to creating striking designs that can stop a customer in their tracks, make them look, and impel them to perform some action. FSDUs give you a vast amount of freedom and flexibility for branding and for creating an image that resonates with customers. They are frequently used to launch new products, test for optimum in-store location, and to promote sales of selected products.

2) Pallet Displays. Pallet Displays contain a pallet base on which product is stacked, surrounded on three sides by a cardboard panel. They are perfect for showcasing a large quantity of product, and for heavy and bulky items. They stand out because they are usually large displays which you can’t miss.

3) Dump Bins. Dump Bins  are fundamentally freestanding cardboard barrels filled with merchandise. They are popular POS aid and their role is to sell product. Typically they are filled with items and they dump box is positioned to grab the customer's attention and trigger an impulse purchase. 

4) Countertop Units. Countertop Units are simply perfect for generating urge buys at checkout. Where they are positioned is their primary advantage and retailers use them to promote 'add-on' last minute purchases, usually on counters. They can be used for any small low cost products such as sweets, to seasonal items like Father’s Day cards, trending products or end of line ranges. Countertop space is restricted and highly valuable, and therefore countertop units can be customised to suit the space available so as to maximise the impact and benefit.

5) The QuikStand. The Quikstand is a printed cardboard sheet that instantly pops up and converts into a free standing display unit with no other assembly required. They are generally designed to convey a brand message. Their ease of use practically guarantees that store staff will deploy them in accordance with your campaign guidelines.

To Conclude, POS displays are so popular because they actually do work. They don’t just promote brand awareness but are guaranteed to sell more products. The best performers are constant customised designs that have been professionally produced to be strong, exciting and long lasting.

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