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Amazing POS Display Ideas: The Quikstand

Amazing POS Display Ideas - The Quikstand

The Quikstand is our name for the pop-up variety of POS displays that require no assembly. You simply open the box and pop them into shape, then position them where you want according to their design and purpose. They generally have a simple 2D form and are free-standing.

Quikstands Deliver Some Really Practical Benefits…

For such a simple concept, Quikstands punch above their weight when deployed correctly as part of a campaign.

  • Staff in retail outlets love them because they are no problem to erect
  • The way they can fold neatly into an almost-flat carton means they are ideal for mailing to the chosen sites, saving on courier or delivery costs
  • Although intended to be informational or trigger a response in-store, they are not generally designed to hold a payload of product. More complex designs certainly can do that but then installation and placement require more effort by store staff.
  • They lend themselves to eye-catching graphics and clever messaging that prompts a reaction in the passing customer.

Keep it simple is the keyword with pop-ups: not to be confused with pull-up banners, which are often called pop-ups also but are significantly more expensive. Also, you can achieve eye-grabbing effects with cardboard structures that are not possible with banners.

Application – Cinema Foyer Promos

Also known as standees, they are very popular set in cinema foyers to promote movies. Some of the displays can be quite spectacular for what is a simple format in POS display terms. We’ve included a couple of eye catching examples below. Though these promote films rather than retail items, the principle remains the same.

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